RIO DEL LAGO100 2013

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I ran the Rio Del Lago 100 race November 9th 2013.  Rio Del Lago took place just outside of Sacramento, CA, in Granite Bay at Folsom lake, and makes its way up to Auburn then Cool, CA.

Reached Beal’s Point at Folsom lake in the beautiful Sierra Foothills of California on Friday 2:00PM November 8th with family and friends.   The organizers did the medical check (weight, blood pressure) and provided the BIB and swag.   The Norcalultras organizers held the mandatory meeting at 4:00PM to provide the trail overview. I drove to each aid station to get idea of the trail.

Start and finish line being setup and mandatory meeting

photo-6                 photo 4-3photo 2-3Plan

The start

I arrived at the start at 4:00AM with my drop bags for three aid stations.    The race started at Beal’s Point at exact 5:00AM with 112 runners wearing headlamps .

Start line and drop bags

photo 4-2                photo 2-2

The weather was incredibly nice: low 40’s in the early morning and around 75’s in the afternoon.   My legs felt great the whole way through 50 miles I had lost 6 lbs weight.  After discussing with medical team decided to drop out (DNF) at 50 miles.

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50 Miles and 5500′ + elevation gain

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 1.09.44 PM

The race RIO DEL LAGO was very well organized by Norcalultras and awesome volunteers.   I really like the trail and looking forward to running next year and completing it.


Brazil 135 Mile Ultra Marathon

Chasing the peaks…

Wow!! After long wait ‘The Brazil 135’  accepted and invited ME for 135 miles Ultramarathon –the infamous race in the mountains in January 2014 (summer in Brazil).  AN INVITATION ONLY Run, the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon is considered the most difficult continuous race in Brazil and held on the most difficult segment of the Caminho Da Fé.   A 135 miles point-to-point course on the Caminho Da Fé, with only 10 miles of relatively flatter terrain, 30,000+ feet of cumulative ascent, 28,000+ feet of cumulative descent.   The course route is on the Mantiqueira Mountains – ( A Sub Range of the Andes Cordillera ).

map        Brazil 135
The Brazil 135 Ultramarathon was inspired in concept and in spirit by the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death valley, California and was created by Dr. Mario Lacerda a veteran ultra runner.
Coach Michael Coleman will guide the training, and get ready team Saurabh Bhasin, Anil Gorti, and Dhananjay Motwani for long trail runs.

I’ll post more details about the race and the course.